Seasonal Pet Allergies

Seasonal Pet Allergies
The spring season is here which means pollen and other allergens are in the air. This makes for seasonal allergies not only for humans, but for pets too. Most pet owners forget that their pets suffer as well from seasonal allergies. This time of year can be miserable for dogs, cats and even their owners. Pets are not able to communicate their seasonal allergy symptoms. So, it's up to us to look for the warning signs. Pets usually experience allergies on their skin and sometimes in their respiratory system. Keep in mind, pets can also experience allergies from food. However in this article, we will help you with ways to treat seasonal pet allergies that are caused by the surrounding environment.

Common Causes for Allergies in Both Humans & Pets Causes for Allergies

2 Common Seasonal Allergies in Pets

Atopic Allergies Diagram
Flea Allergies
One of the most prevalent causes for allergies in pets are fleas. It's estimated that 40% of all dogs get allergies from fleas. Flea eggs start to hatch in the spring time, so this means they are looking for a host to latch on to. Allergic reactions can come from the saliva of one single flea bite. Flea allergy symptoms will infect your pet's skin. Their skin will become itchy and irritated. Your pet will constantly scratch the infected area trying to remove the flea and ease their suffering. They may even scratch and chew at the base of their tail. Sad to say, hair loss can start and is a red flag for immediate treatment.

Giving your pet flea medications is the key to avoiding flea allergies. Spring season is a high time for fleas, so be prepared with these recommended remedies below.

Flea Allergy Remedies
K9 Advantix II
K9 Advantix II
Frontline Plus for Dogs
Frontline Plus for Dogs
Frontline Plus for Cats
Frontline Plus for Cats

Atopic Allergies or Atopy
The second most common allergy type for pets are atopic allergies. Roughly 15% of all dogs have atopic allergies. Atopic allergies are allergens that can be inhaled, transferred through the pads of their feet or ingested. These allergens include ragweed, pollen, house dust, house dust mites, mold, animal dander, feathers, grasses, trees and shrubs. Preventing your pet from being exposed to these allergens is near impossible. So, looking for the symptoms caused by the allergens is key for treatment.

Signs of seasonal allergies in your pet come in the form of skin irritation or inflammation. This is known as allergic dermatitis or atopic dermatitis. Symptoms include itchiness, irritated skin, constant ear infections, skin chewing and bald spots.

Treatment for Allergic Dermatitis

Bath Time

Giving your pet frequent baths will relieve them from being itchy and wash away allergens from their coat and skin. However, make sure it's a shampoo that is grain free or oatmeal free to relieve their skin problems.

GreenTree Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath (16 oz.)
GreenTree Septiderm-V

Frontline Plus for Cats
Douxo Calm Shampoo

Vet's Best HA Shampoo

Pet Paws

Clean and wipe your pet's paws. This will reduce allergens from entering your home. Also, it prevents your pet from ingesting allergens when they lick their paws. Use these recommended products below.

Anti-Lick Paw Spray
Anti-Lick Paw Spray

Tropiclean Oxy Med Pet Wipes
Tropiclean Pet Wipes

Earthbath Hypo-allergenic Grooming Wipes
Earthbath Wipes

Nutritional Supplements
Keeping your pet healthy on the inside helps fight against allergies. Quercetin has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It's like natural Benadryl for your pet. Use quercetin in combination with bromelain and papain. This creates some natural pain relief and inflammation control. Omega-3 fatty acids help decrease inflammation throughout the body and makes their immune system stronger. Try these pet supplements today.

Oli-Vet Olive Leaf Extract
Oli-Vet Extract

Frontline Plus for Dogs
Vetri-Science Acetylator

Omega-Caps - For MEDIUM Dogs
Omega-Caps for Dogs

Omega Caps Liquid
Omega-Caps Liquid

Routine Grooming

Keep your pet well groomed so the allergens are not on their body. Not only will this prevent them from ingesting or inhaling allergens, but it will keep allergens out of your home.

Furminator Furejector tool
FURminator Tool

Douxo Calm Allergy Micro-emulsion
Douxo Micro-emulsion

Earthbath Grooming Foam
Earthbath Groom Foam

Earthbath Green Tea Cat Wipes
Earthbath Cat Wipes


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