Bio Spot Defense with Smart Shield Applicator for Dogs (3 month) - Toy 6-12 lbs

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This item has been manufacturer discontinued. We recommend trying 6 MONTH K9 Advantix II GREEN for Small Dogs (upto 10 lbs)

Bio Spot Defense with Smart Shield Applicator for Dogs

ensures continuing long-term protection for your pet. Bio Spot Defense starts working in just 15 minutes to kill fleas, ticks, flea eggs and flea larvae. This fast-acting flea control treatment also kills and repels against mosquitoes. Bio Spot Defense flea drops are completely safe for use on dogs over 6 months of age, imparts a fresh, clean scent and contains lanolin to help condition your dog's coat. Bio Spot Defense Spot On Dog Flea & Tick Control prevents flea eggs from developing into adult fleas thereby controlling reinfestation for up to 2 1/2 months. Additionally it also kills fleas and ticks for 3 weeks and kills and repels mosquitoes for 3 to 4 weeks.

Bio Spot Defense for Dogs

is most effective when used as part of a total flea and tick management system. Monthly treatments are required for optimal control and prevention of fleas. Bio Spot Defense Spot On Dog Flea & Tick Control provides flea and tick protection for up to 30 days and is water resistant.

Usage Information

The Smart Shield Applicator is specially designed to make applying flea and tick control easier and more precise than ever before. Simply insert the tube into the applicator, close it and squeeze to apply. The applicator's contoured shape makes it easy to grip and the built-in tip helps spread the dog's hair, allowing the liquid to reach the dog's skin. The tube is sealed inside, so you can be confident that the liquid goes on your dog and not on your hands!

*It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Works by application directly to the dog's skin, not to the hair. When applying allow direct application to the skin. Do not get this product in dog's eyes or mouth.

To apply this product, use one disposable liquid tube for each application with the applicator device.

1) Open: Use finger scoop to lift open door.
2) Load: To load, place tube WHITE SIDE UP under the green tabs.
3) Close: Close the green door and the tube will snap open.
4) Apply: The dog should be standing for easy application. To apply, use tip to part hair and get next to dog's skin. Press circle on green door once at each of four or five evenly placed spots between the shoulder to the base of the tail. Do not apply an excessive amount of the solution at any one spot that could cause some of the solution to run off the side of the dog. Do not spread this product by hand over the dog. Although the dog's skin and hair oils will naturally distribute the solution over the entire dog, brushing the dog 12-24 hours after treatment will help to distribute the material over the skin.
5) Dispose: To dispose of empty tube, open green door and drop entire tube into trash or offer for recycling if available. Close applicator device door and store in original package.
6) Use Restrictions: Do not apply product for 30 days unless retreatment is required, but not sooner than 8 days after the initial treatment. Do not retreat more than once a month.

Storage and Disposal: Pesticide Storage - Store in a cool area away from children and animals. Liquid Tube Disposal: Empty - Do not reuse tube. Place in trash or offer for recycling if available; Partially Filled - Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.


Active Ingredients: Etofenprox 30.0%, (S)-methoprene 3.6%, Piperonyl butoxide 5.0%
Other Ingredients: 61.4%. *Equivalent to minimum 4.00% butylcarbityl (6-propylpiperonyl ether) and 1.00% related compounds.

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