FURminator® Deshedding Tools

Furminator Features

The FURminator Deshedding Tool is the ideal solution to your pet's shedding problem.

 This particular tool is designed to help animals shed less fur over time versus normal animal brushes.

The shape of the blade allows the FURminator Deshedding Tool to catch loose hair underneath the top coat of the animal instead of simply taking off top fur like a normal dog brush. Because of this unique effect, less matting occurs as well as less fur knotting and clumping. Furthermore, over 90 percent of an animal’s sheddable fur is removed with regular use, so there is less fur and dander around a home where the animal lives. This effect also reduces the inevitable occurrence of cat hairballs as the amount of loose hair the feline ingests is reduced considerably.

Professional groomers already use the FURminator Deshedding Tool as a regular treatment on their animals and client dogs and cats. The results are apparent from the healthy fur coats on the animals after repeated, regular use. So it should be no surprise that the FURminator Deshedding Tool is now one of the most in-demand grooming tools available for dog and cat fur care.

The FURminator Deshedding Tool is manufactured in 12 different shapes and sizes, so animal owners can easily find the model they need for their cat or dog. Selection is even available for long-hair versus short-hair animals. So rather than letting your animal deal with shedding again and again, make life easier for your cat or dog with the FURminator Deshedding Tool. Your best friend will thank you for it.



FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for TOY Dogs
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for TOY Dogs

 ($42.99)  $31.99
FURminator Small Animal deShedding Tool
FURminator Small Animal deShedding Tool

 ($38.99)  $29.99
FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Dogs
FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Dogs

 ($49.99)  $36.99
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Dogs
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Dogs

 ($40.99)  $36.99
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Cats
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Cats

 ($49.99)  $36.99
FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Cats
FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Cats

 ($49.99)  $36.99
FURminator My FURst Groomer - KITTEN
FURminator My FURst Groomer - KITTEN

 ($38.99)  $23.09


FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for MEDIUM Dogs
FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for MEDIUM Dogs

 ($59.99)  $44.99
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for MEDIUM Dogs
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for MEDIUM Dogs

 ($59.99)  $44.99


FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Dogs
FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Dogs

 ($70.99)  $53.99
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Dogs
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Dogs

 ($70.99)  $53.99
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Cats
FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Cats

 ($55.99)  $42.99
FURminator DeShedding EQUINE & Large Dog Breeds Tool - 5" Edge
FURminator DeShedding EQUINE & Large Dog Breeds Tool - 5" Edge

 ($79.99)  $59.99
FURminator Dog Rake
FURminator Dog Rake

 ($12.99)  $9.29

Brushes & Combs

FURminator Curry Comb
FURminator Curry Comb

 ($10.99)  $7.19
FURminator Dog Grooming Dual Brush
FURminator Dog Grooming Dual Brush

 ($14.99)  $10.09
FURminator Soft Slicker Brush - Large
FURminator Soft Slicker Brush - Large

 ($16.99)  $12.49
FURminator Soft Slicker Brush - Small
FURminator Soft Slicker Brush - Small

 ($15.99)  $11.49

Replacement Blades

Furminator DeShedding Tool PLUS Replacement Blade (MEDIUM)
Furminator DeShedding Tool PLUS Replacement Blade (MEDIUM)

 ($76.95)  $53.95
FURminator Replacement Blade 2.6" for Medium Tool
FURminator Replacement Blade 2.6" for Medium Tool

 ($26.50)  $23.99

FURminator DeShedding Tool is a special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair. The secret to the FURminator treatment is a patent-pending tool designed to stop the shedding where it begins in the undercoat of your pet. FURminator is a revolutionary grooming device utilizes a unique blade that removes loose hair while leaving your pet with a shiny and healthy coat. FURminator is proven to decrease shedding by 60-80% and reduce shedding for about four to six weeks.

Improve the appearance of your pet and your environment with the FURminator shed-less treatment!

  • Recommended by doctors for people who have allergies

  • Recommended by Veterinarians

  • See Pet Photos, a Video for Cats or a Video for Dogs
  • Featured Reviews for FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Dogs
    Not as suggested by Cat from Ontario, CA05/07/2012

    I have a wire brush that works better. This is too small and is a over priced metal comb. I would have returned it, if I had not destroyed the package.

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for MEDIUM Dogs
    FURminator Brush by Maizey1215 from VT11/06/2012

    This brush is amazing!!! You can keep brushing forever and it keeps getting hair out. My dog's fur is so shiny and healthy looking because it pulls out all the dead hair that usually just shreds and migrates into the corners of every room in my house. Thanks FURminator for keeping my house cleaner and my dog looking and feeling fantastic. Well worth the money, I had a knock off brush and when tested I pulled twice as much hair off my dog after I brushed her with the generic brush first.

    Fur-tastic by Dieselblackdog01/10/2013

    A great tool for stripping out the undercoat of my molting Swedish Vallhund, she loves being brushed and backs up for more - can highly recommend.

    Most helpful item by Rod10/23/2012

    We use the furminator on our Doberman. It helps a great deal in reducing the amount of dog hair in the house.

    Excellent results by ks from Texas11/08/2012

    Helps to keep shedding to a minimum. Necessary to use every other day or so, but the dog seems to enjoy the feeling. She sits right there and doesn't complain. I would recommend this product with no problem. Good quality, sturdy

    Prettier dog by LaStar04/24/2013

    The first time I used the FURminator my dog had a whole new coat. The FURminator removed the dead white hair underneath and left her a pretty black coat. I'm still unsure how long the quick release will work but, so far so good.

    Best purchase ever by GiniFM from Houston, TX03/13/2013

    Love this ! It removes the dead hair so easily. It is the best tool ever !

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Dogs
    worth the cost by sophie42 from Seattle, WA04/01/2013

    seems like a lot to pay...but worth it...works and easy to clean...and the dogs don't really mind it

    Works really good! by treatlady05/04/2012

    I saw this at my vet's office and could not believe all the hair coming off my lab/cattle dog mix. It really works well compared to other combs and brushes I have tried. Was somewhat costly but it does work, now I will try it on my cat!

    FURminator by Cdankski08/05/2012

    We recommend this brush...it's well worth every penny. It does everything it claims including the removal of undercoat without disturbing top coat. Great tool.

    Great Brush by J. B.01/04/2012

    This brush took an amazing amount of hair off my lab. We've used other brushes, but this one is our go to from now on. It really takes care of the shedding.

    Best Shedding Tool Every! by doglover from NJ01/25/2012

    The Furminator is the best shedding tool for your dog. A friend of my has labs and so do I and she said it worked great for her. I bought one and tried it and I couldn't believe how much of his undercoat it got out. My house is no longer filled with hair on the ground and he looks so shiny and clean. I love this tool!

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Dogs
    Great Product by Laura04/24/2009

    We have a Long Haired Dachshund Mix Rescue Dog. Last summer I took him to the groomer for a summer cut - specified no shaving! Well, he got "butchered" and shaved! This year I bought the Furminator. Bathed, dryed, brushed him & cut out a couple mats. I used the Furminator in a couple of sessions - and he looks BEAUTIFUL - and after minimal trimming of his feet, etc., his coat is much cooler for the summer. Great product. Worth every dime.

    fabulous by janice05/20/2009

    the furminator has been a life saver since my dog sheds and since i like to take him with me the trail of fur was terrible with the furminator he barely leaves a fur trail

    Great Product & Service by RGW08/06/2008

    I received my Furminator 2 days after ordering online. I have a black and white cat that sheds a ton so I tried it out on her first. She really enjoyed the brushing and it removed gobs of hair, it's a keeper!

    Unbelieveable!!! by LS08/26/2008

    All four cats love it and get excited just when they see it in my hand! I love it because it has dramatically reduced the amount of shedding going on in my house. Warning: be sure to be outdoors or somewhere you can easily vacuum the first time you use it. There will be more fur coming off than you thought possible!!! Every cat owner should have one of these!!!

    Great! by aliciav24 from Fontana, CA.03/19/2010

    The bristles are very hard and close together so they catch and keep the lose fur. Easy to clean just by rinsing. My dog has short hair so she sheds quit a bit sometimes and this brush is perfect.

    Amazing! by Happy Cat Owner09/26/2008

    We love this brush and so does our kitty, Bonnie! :) I was amazed at how much fur we were able to save her from. If hairballs are a problem for your cat, I highly recommend this brush as a great way to cut down on the number that occur. She loves how it feels too. We can tell by the way she flops to the side and kneads the carpet. This website has one of the best prices out there, too.

    LOVE IT!!!! by CANDY04/21/2009


    Nothing better for loose fur by SABUGS from San Antonio. TX06/01/2012

    My cat and dog jostle each other to get in front of the first Furminator we got. Recently bought the one for long haired critters and find it just as effective....although the Pom is not crazy about it because it does tug on his very long fur...I just take it easy and do only a bit at a time.

    Love the furminator by Judy02/22/2010

    I have Golden Retrievers and the furminator is one of the best tools to reduce my dogs' undercoat!

    It works! by JSH02/01/2008

    I first heard about this product from Consumers Reports and figured it they endorsed it, it must be good. After searching online, I saw that everyone who's bought one has given it a 5 star rating. I got mine in the mail today and let me tell you, I can't believe how great it works! No pet brush has ever removed hair like this before. After grooming my cat for about 10 minutes, I had enough hair to make a second cat! It's worth every penny and this website had the best price compared to everyone else who's selling the tool for full price.

    Excellent! by K05/06/2008

    I just received this brush in the mail and couldn't wait to try it. My cat loves it and it's amazing how much hair it gets. The best part is that it doesn't push the hair all over as your'e brushing...the hair stays on the brush and you can neatly dispose of it. I highly recommend this if your cat or dog shedds a lot.

    One Awesome Item by Cool Man from Live Oak, FL12/18/2012

    This is the best thing I have bought for my long haired chichuaha. If you need something that will trully help with that shedding problem, then you have found it right here!

    AWESOME!! by E04/12/2008

    My cat is a long hair who sheds alots. I was skeptical about buying this, most stores locally wanted 35-40 for this same exact tool, so for 20 I tryed it. OMG! This thing is awemsome. I brush her about every 2 wks. I rarely have cat hair on the furniture or in the air. At first she was scared and I had a little trouble, but now she loves for me to brush her. I couldn't believe the hair it removed. Postively recommend!!

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for MEDIUM Dogs
    Love it! by doris from Quebec, Canada11/01/2012

    Wonderful on my big 100 pounds dog even if I bought a smaller brush.

    Fantastic Product by Greg W.07/17/2009

    No, I do not work for the company...I LOVE the FurMinator. It rocks! Why? It is able to take the hair off my Golden Retriever in CLUMPS. My dog is very sensitive to the wirey brushes. He will actually (for the most part) sit still while I'm using this brush. You drag it along your pet on a 45 degree angle and the loose hairs are removed. I was amazed how much hair I extracted from my dog. I didn't get the largest size because this size is easier for getting his legs, chest, and stomach. Instead of hair on my carpet, it's not in the trashcan, thanks to the Furminator. I highly recommend this product. I'm thinking it would be great for cats too, but I only have a dog...so can't speak from experience. I would buy this product again.

    Good purchase by Jenn11/24/2012

    Works well on my husky mix....he's constantly shedding.

    Truely Amazing by Christy01/28/2008

    If you have a Golden Retriever the FURminator is a must have! Our dog Molly loved getting brushed out...and the results have been absolutely awesome! Her coat is so shiney and smooth. I another note Entirely Pets was great...it came fast and at the best price I found! Thanks again!

    Instant weightloss! by Ursula06/26/2008

    My black border collie/basset mix has a thick undercoat which makes her very hot in our steamy Virginia summers. This tool took the underlayer off with no.discomfort to the dog; she's now a lot cooler, looks very shiny,and ten pounds lighter! Best price I found anywhere, also! Will order this for our horses soon as well. Make sure you brush outside if you can, there will be A LOT of hair!

    Oh my Furminator! by Blavos01/26/2008

    This is the best shedding tool I've ever tried besides the Furnado which is pretty similar. Happy grooming!

    Furminator Works! by Sallyintucson02/19/2009

    The prices that are curently listed as "on sale" are resonable prices - shop around you can find these same prices elsewhere too. I would suggest using a comb or slicker brush first to make sure all the knots are out. Then use this tool with short, quick strokes OUTSIDE. (It doesn't seem to work with long strokes) The hair will come flying off. When I got done with my long haired cat, it looked like there were three cats in the room, not just one. Impresive! You have to take some care when working on the "mane" of long haired breeds like Golden Retrievers and the like. Just go through one layer at a time. It'll all come out. I would not recomend using any kind of de-shedding shampoo. It is natural for a dog (or cat) to shed it's winter and summer coats every year. Keeping a regular brushing routine (make it a treat so the animal gets to like it and make it a short sesson if they're new to being groomed.) and you'll find that your hair problems will almost go away. Think of it this way: more on the brush means less on the furniture and floor. *Smile*

    WOW by JW05/21/2009

    I used this on my cat for only about 5 minutes but WOW! It took of a bagful of hair. I need to do more on the cat but she got too squirmy. I can't wait until I get most of the loose hair off of her because now I am grossed out at how much extra hair she has been carrying around and leaving on the furniture. Anyone have any suggestions on how to bathe a cat?

    Best. Brush. Ever. by Jennifer12/10/2008

    I am still in disbelief at how much hair this tool removes on my big black lab. She looks fabulous! In addition, my floor has been clean for over a week, I never thought I would get rid of those puffs of black fur that accumulate in corners. But, they are gone! Highly recommend!

    Amazing by Nate02/04/2009

    It removed so much fur! I didn't even know that my dog had that much fur on her. You might want to do this out side. My dog is a labradoodle and I thought they weren't supposed to shed a lot. I guess the fur just gets stuck in their curly hair. I didn't give it 5 stars because it was so expensive.

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Dogs
    Great for Goldens by remeyy02/08/2012

    I couldn't believe all the hair that came off my Golden after just a few minutes! Should have had this long ago.

    by PEH-MarineMom11/01/2011

    I brushed my Golden with another brush until I wasn't getting anymore hair off of her. Then I used the FURminator and tons of hair came out. If used regularly...it will reduce the amount of shedding.

    Life changing by Kerry10/04/2008

    This product is the best thing I have found. Our Mastiff sheds a lot and now my wood floors look great! It is a loso addicting, my husband and I both want to use it on him.

    a real winner!!! by joanie07/11/2008

    i could not believe all the hair removed from my 40lb terrier mix.and my black lab!!!piles of hair and pillows and blankets hardly any hairs.must use every day to get all the hair removed!!and then once a week.stay with it.do not give up as all the loose hair will be removed and just must maintain.i also give my doggies fish oil supplements !and canola teaspoons!!! i also used the shed ender prior for 15$ and it worked but did not remove anywhere near as much hair!!!perseverence is the key!!!it really works!!!

    Fabulous by Annette06/23/2008

    I have a White German Sheperd and this has made a difference from day one. I also recomend getting medium for bellies and under arms, etc. I would give it 5 stars but the price is highr than it should be.

    This Tool Is Amazing by Susan P.04/01/2008

    This tool is just amazing! I can't believe how much hair just came off of my Bernese Mountain Dog with so little effort. Usualy she fights me and wont sit still, not with this tool. She actualy sat and enjoyed the brushing. The tool glides over the coat with out pulling the animals hair. For months I had considered purchasing this tool, but thought the cost was a bit high until I saw it for half the price on this website. Go ahead and try it you will be so glad you did. It is worth every cent.

    by from 01/29/2008

    This has really worked on my yellow lab - Just started using this around Christmas and have noticed MUCH less hair on the floors to vacuum up! I couldn't believe how much hair was coming off on the comb edge. It's not his favorite thing to have done to him, but he's okay with it. The size of the comb makes it hard to deal with certain areas - it's just too wide. On the whole, well worth the investment.

    combed by him from daily,At


    Love it!! by Lish from Fort Wayne, IN11/14/2012

    My mom bought one for her golden retriever and we used in on our golden retriever/lab/collie mixed who sheds more than any dog I know. We only have to use it every couple of weeks. We have been looking into getting our own but never had the money for it. I cant wait to get our own. No other brushes or combing tools of any sort has work as amazing as this one! Any one who has a dog that sheds should have this brush. It works wonders! I recommend this to everyone that has a dog!!

    It works by laohu06/06/2012

    It gets a lot of hair off our border collie which keeps the hair off the floor. When he is due for another treatment we know because the floor fills up with hair. This product prevents that if used regularly. It gets the undercoat

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Cats
    Great for a Persian by Ragtop from Coastal NC11/06/2012

    This is saving my cat (and me) from anxiety about mats. I use this regularly. Kitty is mat free. She has that silky type of Persian hair, and it can mat in a moment. This keeps her looking wonderful.

    WOW this is great! by kme from Milwaukee, WI09/20/2010

    I couldn't believe how much fur I got off of my cat using this. This works 10 times better than a regular brush. Great purchase!

    by from 07/23/2012

    We have a long hair Persian. Once she and I got rid of the mats, this is a blessing! She even likes to be groomed now! One of our daughters has a cat that sheds continuously, and she loves this product.

    be by to from includeA


    An even better furminator by r8rreb from No. Cal11/14/2012

    I used this on my 10 pound cat, not exactly small like it says, and it worked great as all furminators do. the button is so easy to work-pushing the hair clumps out-without missing a beat while you brush. It got in and got tons of hair out without pulling and tugging on the cat's skin.....am going to use it next on my short haired cats....don't see why not.

    Amazing!! by Audrey J.08/13/2008

    I would suggest this product to ANY pet owner! The amount of hair it removes is incredible! I've noticed a huge reduction in cat hair around the house and my cat loves how it feels. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    Fabulous! by Mary08/04/2008

    I didn't believe it would work as well as the advertisement, but it did. I am amazed at all the hair it took off my cats. I have both short hair and long hair cats and the fur was flying like crazy. Best to use this outside if you can, as you will have hair going everywhere. I am very happy with this product.

    Love this tool by Jan07/06/2008

    This is a great product. I have a long hair cat and it really gets the hair off. Also prevents less hair balls. She loves to be combed.

    Great product by Danielle Berndt02/08/2008

    Works great would recommend for any pet owner.

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Long-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Cats
    Best Brush Ever Made by Joy from Torrington, WY06/13/2012

    This is the best brush I have ever used! It is AMAZING! The first time I used it on my Ragdoll I got enough hair to make another cat! Normally he doesn't like to sit still, but he did, so it must be a pretty smooth action and feel pretty comfortable to him. I have 3 long haired cats so this is the brush for me! It will cut down my brushing time and my fighting time! I am in LOVE with this brush!!! And I will never go back to regular grooming brushes!

    Worth the $$ by Bob from AKL, NZ02/27/2013

    These products really are leading in the pet grooming world. My partner suffers from allergies to cats so when choosing to adopt a ragdoll there were some worries. Thankfully using the furminator which catches the fur as you groom and vacuuming regularly were all surviving with clear airways :)

    Should Have Read Other Reviews by PJ from Columbia, KY03/13/2013

    Works about the same as my other Furminator. The little gadget that is 'supposed' to expel the fur, does nothing.

    Featured Reviews for FURminator DeShedding EQUINE & Large Dog Breeds Tool - 5" Edge
    GREAT TOOL by Lima from HUDSON VALLEY NY04/20/2012


    Really does the job by Maggie05/02/2012

    I bought this product to use on our shaggy horses. It was a great purchase. Not only did it do a fine job of removing the loose hair, it also cleaned an amazing amount of dander that was close to the skin. Use as directed [don't use a lot of pressure] and you and your horses will be very happy with the result.

    by from 10/23/2011

    Anyone with a horse or three knows that shedding that winter coat fills the barn and nose with teeny, tiny hairs that stick and itch.

    dog's by Furminator from onAfter


    this by larger from copyKudos


    EXCELLENT TOOL by furkid poor from Kentucky06/11/2013

    This is my second one. The first still works but the blade isn't as "sharp" but still gets plenty of use. We have people borrow this whenever we go to a competition and they are amazed at the hair that comes off their "slick" horses. My first one was an off brand that worked just as well but couldn't find that one anymore. Totally worth the money.

    Excellent product by Honey from Wisconsin08/18/2012

    Really gets all the undercoat from our shedding dogs.....the best dog grooming brush we have ever had!

    better than a shedding blade by NW horsewoman from Port Townsend, WA05/29/2012

    I've found that the Furminator works so much better than a shedding blade. It gets much more hair, and the horses seem to like the sensation. It seems to make shedding go much faster.

    great tool mine is the small one by ruby05/15/2012

    I bought this tool after so many diferents brushes they never work for my chihuahua, and this tool is great his hair is white and is all over my furniture and after I used this tool it take all the excess hair and leave his coat soft and smooth, great tool

    best comb by max from new england07/14/2012

    i use this on my dog and it works better than any other brush or comb we've ever had

    The Furminator works! by Tennsldy from Alabama04/29/2013

    I really like this product. First of all, it is a great way to get the hair off without it flying everywhere, After a long stroke I just remove the hair from the Furminator and put it in a bucket. Secondly, it takes a lot less time to remove the loose hair and you can wait a few days in between and with 6 horses that means a lot to me. It is important not to press to hard and to follow the directions. I take long slow strokes and the horses seem to relax and enjoy it.

    Furminator - Equine by Oakkl from Kamloops, BC03/19/2013

    After reading many reviews I decided to order this brush for my daughters' horses. It arrived just in time for shedding season. The furminator is the best and most efficient shedding brush we have used so far. It takes about 3 times more hair off than our regular shed brushes. We are very happy with this product. The only downside is the price - so the girls must share the one brush between them for now.

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for SMALL Cats
    FURminator works by Lucy's Mistress08/20/2012

    My brother recommended the FURminator because his cat loved it. My cat, too. It takes off a remarkable amount of undercoat. It appears to be helping with hairballs too. Time will tell.

    This thing really works! by Judester from Roseville, CA08/04/2012

    4 cats = lots of fur. Even thought we brush them regularly the Furminator eliminated even more. Now when I pet one of them I don't have a handful of hair or the need to wipe the cat down with a static cloth. The cats like it too.

    The Best by Parisbeans10/22/2011

    Works so well, takes out so much hair, quickly, even on short-haired cats. They feel like silk afterwards and housecleaaning is easier. I was really pleased with the product and price.

    Featured Reviews for FURminator Short-Hair deShedding Tool for LARGE Cats
    Happy Cat by Debi05/03/2012

    the furminator works! lots of hair no longer on Riley our cat. we put the hair in our garden for the birds to use in their nest. win-win.

    The Furminator by basketqueenz12/11/2011

    This tool really combs out the hair and my cats love being brushed with it!

    FURminator Short Hair deShedding Tool by Judy from Ashland, MO08/01/2012

    My cats love being groomed now. It's easy to hold and works great! I was totally amazed at how much hair there was that my previous grooming tool missed. Well worth the money spent on it.

    GREAT brush but my cat is a bit resistant by Max's Mom from Los Angeles10/24/2012

    The brush removes A LOT of fur but my cat resists/struggles thru the process a biit - at times it sounds like the fur is tangled when I am brushing thru it but my cat's hair is pretty short so I don't think this is the case. BUT - it is worth the struggle to get rid of so much extra fur so I will take it!

    It really works!! by Petal from Pittsburgh Pa12/09/2011

    I have two short haired cats and thought I was doing a good job brushing them. One even loves to be vacuumed, but after using this the first time I realized how much dead hair I was leaving behind. Barnaby is a Tuxedo cat and his black hair is shining like patent leather after using this! Furgus is a white Scottish Fold- still a kitten, but I was able to use this on him easily. It got lots of dead fluff out of his coat. Now I don't see little white clumps of hair on the carpet. I was worried they might not like being brushed with it, but it's not harsh or hard on them at all and they both really enjoyed it. Just follow the directions that come with it- you don't want to brush too hard and always in the direction of the way the coat grows. I'm so happy I bought this- and so are my "boys"!

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